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Is there anything that Hillary Clinton won’t lie about in an effort to get votes? Remember her pointless lie about trying to join the Marines? Well, she’s at it again.

Today, speaking at an event in Chicago, Hillary told a nice little story about how her dad was a Republican and the two would get in arguments at the dinner table when she was in high school.

Of course, the problem here is that when Hillary was in High School she was a Republican. At 13 years old, she enthusiastically canvassed for Richard Nixon in the 1960 race against JFK. In 1964, a 17 year oldHillary volunteered for Barry Goldwater. Once in college, she became President of the Young Republicans and even attended the 1968 Republican Convention.

So either Hillary was telling yet another lie, or she had some serious dinner table arguments about who was more conservative.

“Clearly there is no aspect of her life that Hillary Clinton won’t twist for her own political advantage. The fact that she is now resorting to lame, pointless fibs about her childhood should make voters wonder if Hillary Clinton even has the capacity to tell the truth.” – American Crossroads Spokesman Ian Prior

fairy tale

I don’t know about you, but I’m old enough to remember a debate when Hillary Clinton attacked Bernie Sanders for saying that Barack Obama hasn’t done enough to bridge the divide between Americans and Congress.

So it stands to reason that Hillary should now have to answer for the same criticism of Obama from her husband Bill, who told a crowd in Memphis last night that Obama wasn’t a “changemaker” who was able to get Congress to work with him.

What’s next? Is Bill going to go all 2008 and say that the whole Obama presidency was just a big fairy tale?

Bill Clinton makes Memphis stop for wife’s campaign

The Commercial Appeal – February 11, 2016

Ryan Poe

But in talking about the struggles of middle- and lower-class America, Clinton was met with silence when he said President Barack Obama wasn’t a “change-maker” like Hillary. He clarified a few sentences later that Obama has had accomplishments, including the Affordable Care Act.

“Yeah, it’s rigged,” he said, speaking of the financial system, “because you don’t have a president who’s a change-maker, who has a Congress who will work with him. But the president has done a better job than he has gotten credit for.”

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harry bernie

Harry Reid must really be getting sick of Hillary Clinton and her desperate tactics. First, in an ironic response to Bernie Sanders’ attacks on her for being too cozy with Wall Street, Hillary threw the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and all its candidates under the bus for, get this, being too cozy with Wall Street.

Now, Hillary’s campaign team has stopped hiding under their desks in Brooklyn long enough to spin a yarn about how Nevada isn’t any more diverse than Iowa and New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Harry Reid has been making the case that Nevada should have more of a role in picking the Democrats’ presidential nominee BECAUSE it is more diverse than Iowa and New Hampshire.

We can’t imagine Reid is particularly happy about Hillary’s contradictory tactics. We already know Jon Ralston isn’t.

“Harry Reid must be getting sick of Hillary Clinton’s desperate tactics. A week ago she ironically threw Reid’s handpicked Senate candidates under the bus for being too close to Wall Street. Now her campaign is so panicked, it is manufacturing statistics to show that Nevada lacks diversity in a lame attempt to try and lower expectations.” – American Crossroads Spokesman Ian Prior


It’s not a matter of “if” Hillary Clinton loses New Hampshire, but a matter of “by how much.” Naturally then, the Clintons are doing all they can to spin this loss as expected and completely understandable.

One of the frequent talking points we have heard is that Clinton shouldn’t be expected to win New Hampshire because it is Bernie Sanders’ “backyard.

So we took the liberty of seeing how Hillary did in HER backyards in 2008 – and the results cut the legs out from under her argument.

Using New York as her home state, Chappaqua resident Hillary lost her backyards of Connecticut and Vermont.

Now, if Hillary switches to her southern accent and calls Arkansas home, then she lost the majority of her backyards as well – Missouri,Louisiana, Mississippi.

Even if we use Illinois as Hillary’s “home state” she still would have lost her “backyards” of Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. That’s in addition to losing her “home state” of Illinois.

“Hillary Clinton may be blaming her pending New Hampshire loss on the fact that it is Bernie Sanders’ backyard, but let’s not forget Hillary’s miserable losses in her own ‘backyard’ states in the 2008 primary. Hillary needs to stop making excuses for why she is losing – it’s not her staff, it’s not geography, it not a conspiracy – it’s that she’s untrustworthy and unlikeable.” – American Crossroads Communications Director, Ian Prior


A few weeks ago American Crossroads purchased some real estate in Hillary Clinton’s head by launching a digital ad in Iowa entitled “Hillary’s Bull Market.” To our immense pleasure, she’s been talking about it ever since, including once again at last night’s debate.

Hillary is mentioning the ad because she is desperately trying to make the case that our focus on her is because she’ll be tougher on Wall Street. No one’s buying it.

If Hillary really wants to prove that she is not just a Ward of Wall Street, she’ll release transcripts of her paid speeches. After all, if she can’t be influenced by money, certainly her three $225K speeches to Goldman Sachs will sound just like the anti-Wall Street speeches that she has been giving on the campaign trail.


“The reason why Hillary Clinton won’t release transcripts of her paid speeches is simple – she knows they will show what a sellout she is. When she is paid $225K to speak at Goldman Sachs she is ‘pro-Wall Street’ Hillary; when she is on the campaign trail trying to get left of a socialist, she is ‘anti-Wall Street’ Hillary. And that is why no one trusts Hillary Clinton.” – American Crossroads Communications Director, Ian Prior


Now that Chelsea Clinton has joined the political fray and launched harsh attacks on Bernie Sanders, she should be held to the same level of scrutiny as any other politician.

And true to her family name, Chelsea’s attack on Sanders contains the same deceptive streak that characterizes both of her parents. Here is what she claimed: “Senator Sanders wants to dismantle Obamacare, dismantle the CHIP program, dismantle Medicare and private insurance.”

The word “dismantle” insinuates that Sanders wants to eliminate those programs, which is false. However misguided Sanders’ plan is, the truth is he wants to consolidate all those programs into one big government program of nationalized health care.

Need evidence? Ironically enough, here’s Chelsea’s mother with a more accurate description: “He wants to roll Medicare, Medicaid, the children’s health insurance program, the Affordable Care Act program and private health insurance into a national system.”

“The Clintons have built a career in politics through deliberate dishonestyits sad to see them pushing Chelsea out there with the same deceptive playbook.” – American Crossroads Communications Director, Ian Prior


Last week the Washington Post reported that Congress is considering passing a law that would allow President Obama or his successor to revoke Bill Cosby’s Medal of Freedom, in light of the multiple allegations of sexual assault being made against him. Previously, Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment advocated for the use of executive order authority to revoke the medal, with the support of Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

Given that Hillary Clinton has stated that “she is with” all victims of sexual assault and that they have the right to be “believed” and “heard,” American Crossroads has two very simple questions:

(1) Does Hillary believe that Bill Cosby’s Medal of Freedom should be revoked?

(2) If elected president, would Hillary wait for Congress to pass a law giving her the power to revoke Cosby’s medal, or would she simply do it by executive order? 


Remember when we suggested that Patrick Murphy was buying endorsements with Mom and Dad’s money? Check it out here.

Well, that trend continues with a big endorsement from the “progressive” camp: Al Franken. Patrick’s dad Thomas and his mom Leslie each gave Franken the maximum of $5200 in 2014.

So why would the Murphys (both business-oriented Republicans) give a far left-wing Senator from Minnesota $10,400? Two options: (1) they are big fans of Stuart Smalley, or (2) they were strategically giving money to politicians they knew would be needed when their son ran for the Senate.

We’re gonna go with option 2.

Patrick Murphy is having a rough day – first the Progressive Democrats of Florida accuse him of being on the take, now it looks like his endorsement by Al Franken was purchased with his parents’ campaign cash. It’s enough to make one wonder what else people will find if they start looking a little closer at Murphy’s sudden rise from obscurity to U.S. Senate candidate.


Today the Progressive Democrats of Florida swung hard at Patrick Murphy and accused him of improper influence. Specifically, they noted that Murphy initially supported the All Aboard Florida high-speed rail project but changed his tune when his family business Coastal Construction was not selected as general contractor of the project.

This is a pretty strong accusation that implies that Murphy is legislating under the influence of his family’s powerful construction company – one that also has donated big money to his campaign and Super PAC.

If true, it’s an especially problematic appearance of impropriety for Murphy who has also been accused of trading campaign cash for endorsements and recently said in an op-ed: “A democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold.”

Patrick Murphy has gotten a free pass from most of the media during his fledgling political career. But if they gave his record the scrutiny that most politicians receive, they would see a pattern of conflicts of interest and influence-peddling that underlie his sudden rise from obscurity to U.S. Senate candidate.


Jason Kander (or the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee operative running his campaign from a Washington D.C. basement) sure does seem to enjoy maliciously using last week’s terrorist attack to falsely attack Senator Blunt.

But what’s good for the goose is good for the . . .  Kander. So maybe someone should ask Kander why, as a member of the Missouri legislature, he voted against a resolution urging Congress to reject transporting detainees from GITMO to Missouri. Especially, in light of today’s news that a former GITMO prisoner just showed up in the latest video released this week by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

And what is Kander’s plan for defeating ISIS? Does he think Obama is doing enough? Did he like Obama’s Sunday night lecture to the nation? Does he agree with Hillary Clinton that the fight against ISIS is not America’s fight? Is he, like Hillary, unwilling to say that we are at war with ISIS?

“Jason Kander’s campaign is equal parts negative, immature, and shallow. Kander needs to ease up on the juvenile tactics and begin providing substantive answers to important questions – he can start by explaining to voters why he wouldn’t stand up and voice opposition to GITMO terrorists coming to Missouri.” American Crossroads Communications Director, Ian Prior