Romney: Clinton Was “Completely Misguided,” “Badly Mistaken” On Russia

During an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Gov. Mitt Romney blasted Hillary Clinton for her foreign policy failures as Secretary of State, including the “Russia Reset” and the resulting foreign policy mess that occurred all across the world because of it.

Specifically, Romney called out Clinton’s staged photo-op, saying it was a “great mistake” and adding, “the idea that Putin was not in charge during the time that Medvedev was president is obviously absurd. Putin was in charge.”

Romney then went on to list the nations and regions that were not bettered, and in most cases made worse, by Clinton’s tenure:

“Her mistaken perspective on foreign policy has led to the fact that frankly there’s no place in the world that I can think of where American interests have been bettered by virtue of Hillary Clinton having served as Secretary of State. That’s quite an indictment. Whether it’s Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Libya, Israel, the South China Sea—I mean, look around the world. That record of the Secretary of State I think will become the focal point of the debates in 2016 when a Republican nominee goes after that record.”