About American

Most of us can remember a time when America’s potential seemed a lot larger than its problems.  When parents looked forward with certainty that their children would enjoy a better life than they did.  When communities, business leaders and even politicians came together to find solutions to almost anything that needed fixing.

If you ask people whether those are the times we’re living in now, most people will say no.  They’ll say: we’re passing on to our kids an America that is less prosperous, less secure and less free than the one we grew up in.  We see a Washington political culture that creates more problems for us instead of fixing the ones we already have.  We see government recklessly piling on debt and then insisting we pay it off.

The people who started and support American Crossroads are united behind three simple convictions:

First, we can’t keep going on like this. Something’s got to give.

Second, America deserves better than this. Our kids deserve a better future than this.

And third, it’s up to us to bring the change about.  No one else is going to do it for us.

So what do we at American Crossroads do about it?  We raise money from a whole lot of volunteer donors all across the country.  And we spend it to promote people who have the courage, integrity and good ideas to get this country back on track.

The people we support believe that the best thing about America is the talent, drive and creativity of its citizens – not the bureaucracy culture of Washington.  They are willing to stand up for families, small businesses and communities against arrogant, power-grabbing politicians and wealthy government unions.  But because they are on the front lines against such entrenched, self-serving interests, they need a lot of support.  That’s where American Crossroads comes in – and where you come in.

If you believe America is at a Crossroads, and our future is still worth saving for our kids, please join us.  Because America’s history isn’t finished being written.


Steven Law