Clinton 2016: A Poll-Driven, Private Jet-Flying Campaign Funded By Her “Enemies”

Third quarter FEC data for Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now available, and voters are now able to see who is donating to Clinton’s campaign and where her money is going.

Aside from an obscenely high burn rate (86.14%), what was made immediately clear from this report is that Clinton’s campaign is a poll-driven, private jet-flying campaign funded by those she absurdly labeled her “enemies” in a moment of bravado during Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate.

To wit:

Clinton spent $1,192,902.18 on polling.

Clinton spent $559,653.22 on Executive Fliteways, her preferred private jet company. That’s 933 times more on private jets than on Bolt Bus ($599).

Clinton received $75,669.90 from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies Clinton declared “enemies” on the debate stage Tuesday night.

Despite all the rhetoric about frugality and so-called “enemies,” this FEC report just reiterates that Clinton will say or do anything to win.