Pennsylvania Democrat Bows To Pressure From Opponent, Shakes Up Campaign

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This weekend, Patrick Murphy strongly endorsed the Obama/Clinton Doctrine of leading from behind in world affairs.

Speaking at the “Democrat of the Year” luncheon in Boca Raton (video here) two days after the Paris attacks, Murphy praised Obama’s leadership even as other Democrats like Senator Diane Feinstein andCongressman Seth Moulton have criticized Obama’s weakness in taking on ISIS.

Three questions for Patrick Murphy:

(1) Is Murphy, like Obama, also not interested in “pursuing some notion of ‘American leadership’ or ‘America winning’”?

(2) Does Murphy favor letting all the Syrian refugees in the country?

(3) Does he agree with Senator Chris Murphy, who endorsed him, that the U.S. military is to blame for the rise of ISIS?

Floridians deserve to know the answers to these questions. Yet Murphy appears to have gone radio-silent on Paris, ISIS, Syrian refugees or any other important national security issue. In fact, as of this email, there was no mention about any of those issues on either his official website, his campaign website, his official Twitter handle, or his campaign Twitter handle. Talk about leading from behind.

Two months ago Patrick Murphy naively asserted that the Iran nuclear deal would bring ‘peace in our time.’ Now he is doubling down on the Obama/Clinton Doctrine of leading from behind. One thing is clear – in these increasingly dangerous times, Young Patrick Murphy is simply unqualified to be in the United States Senate.

1. Hillary laughs with man who wants to strangle Carly Fiorina

2. Hillary jokes about an early demise for Oprah 

3. Hillary thinks its hilarious to be investigated by the FBI

4. Hillary laughs hysterically to a question on where she was when four Americans died in Benghazi

5. Hillary is amused by the possibility of war with Iran

6. Hillary’s chuckles about killing Gaddafi


Yesterday, following a CNN report that Hillary Clinton once again claimed to have tried to join the Marines in 1975, we asked if the media would investigate that claim as vigorously as it did Ben Carson’s claim about being offered a scholarship at West Point.

Unfortunately, only the Washington Post’s Fact Checker followed up on the claim, and in doing so gave Hillary two Pinocchios – for the time being. Some highlights from the Post:

“A [Clinton] campaign spokesman declined to comment.”

“There are enough holes here that Clinton has an obligation to address the circumstances under which she approached the Marines, now that she had once again raised it in a campaign context.”

“So far, we do not have enough documentary proof to say the incident never happened, such as supposedly landing under sniper fire in Bosnia or getting the date wrong for hearing a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. * * * But the circumstances are in question. She pitches it as a matter of public service, but her friends suggest it was something different. So at this point Clinton’s story is worthy of Two Pinocchios, subject to change if more information becomes available.”

It is time for the media to investigate this strange claim from Clinton and demand answers as it did with Carson. And while we’re looking into questionable claims by Clinton, maybe someone should look into her dubious claim that when she wrote a letter to NASA asking how to become an astronaut, she received a letter back saying that NASA was “not interested in women astronauts.”

Last week the media did a thorough investigation of Ben Carson’s claim that he was offered a scholarship to West Point.

This week, per CNN, Hillary Clinton has revived an interesting anecdote about how a young, anti-war Hillary tried to join the Marines but was rejected. CNN also notes how this claim has been met with skepticism over the years.

So what gives – is this story true as told, exaggerated, or is it another “we landed under sniper fire” lie from Hillary?

I guess the only way we’ll find out is if the media is as dogged in its investigation into Hillary’s claim as it was investigating Carson’s.

Sometimes we have to wonder if Hillary Clinton was not actually born in Illinois, but built in the basement of a polling firm in Alexandria, VA.

The latest evidence of that theory comes a little over two weeks after Hillary said that Republicans were overstating the Department of Veterans Affairs crisis in order to privatize the VA. Today, Hillary did a complete 180 and announced a plan to use private health care providers – which is amazingly the exact same plan proposed by Republican John McCain.

So what happened here? Here’s our theory: Team Hillary poll tested her statement that the “VA problem was overblown.” We’ll go ahead and make an educated guess that approximately 60% of people surveyed said they were less likely to vote for her as a result. We’ll also go out on a limb and speculate that the poll showed that Sen. McCain’s plan to use private health care was viewed favorably. Therefore, Hillary adopted it as her own.

And that is how, in the span of just over two weeks, Hillary Clinton went from the “VA crisis is overblown by Republicans so they can privatize it” to “the VA crisis is terrible and we should execute the exact plan that I demonized last week.”

At today’s Hillary Clinton campaign event in New Hampshire, a supporter told Hillary that every time he sees Fiorina on TV, he wants to reach in and “strangle” her.

As a self-styled advocate for protecting women, no doubt Hillary told the man that his comment was out of bounds and inappropriate, right?

Nope. Click here for the relevant exchange or click on the picture for the full video.

Seems like it wasn’t too long ago that the media went after Donald Trump for similarly not standing up to a supporter. Will Hillary get the same treatment? We’re not holding our breath.

This exchange says all you need to know about Hillary Clinton. She loves to play the ‘war on women’ card when it helps her get votes. But when she stands to lose a single voter by condemning his comment about ‘strangling’ a women, Hillary is more than happy to go right along with his tasteless and inappropriate joke.

By Ward Baker

In almost every democracy in the world, political parties who lose landslide elections respond by deposing their leaders and conducting autopsies on their strategies. But Senate Democrats, routed in 2014, have instead doubled down on failure and that’s why they will fail, and Republicans will win again in 2016.

In 2014, voters deliberately fired Democrats – with cause – from control of the United States Senate. Americans were fed up with years of inactivity and dysfunction, and said enough is enough. But losing the Senate majority was just the latest in a long line of electoral defeats for Democrats.

Since President Obama took office, Democrats have been decimated at every level, from the Senate to state legislatures. Since 2008, they have lost 13 Senate seats, 69 congressional seats, and over 900 state legislative seats.
The American people are not buying what Democrats are selling. One year out from Election Day 2016, it’s clear that Democrats have learned nothing from the last eight years.

Despite years of rejection, Democrats are offering voters more of the same in 2016. They are running the same old, tired, campaigns. They are not recruiting unique, different candidates. To the contrary, all of their top recruits look an awful lot like the crop that voters threw out in 2014.

Take the battleground states of Wisconsin and Ohio. Democrats’ so-called prize recruits are both retreads who voters have already rejected. Furthermore, Democrats have bruising, costly primaries in at least four key states. They failed to recruit a top tier candidate in North Carolina and don’t have a credible candidate in Iowa, a state Barack Obama won – twice. If the DSCC manages to pull all of their endorsed candidates into the general, they will arrive badly damaged. If they don’t, they will be stuck with candidates like Joe Sestak and Alan Grayson, who they have already deemed unelectable.

The few policy ideas they are promoting are stale and outdated. Their signature policy item from 2015 has been the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal that Americans do not support and fear will make us less safe. This tone-deafness strikes a similar chord to another recent experience: Every Democratic senator who crafted Obamacare lost re-election or chose to resign instead of facing their fate at the ballot box.

Republicans will maintain control of the Senate because we have better-prepared candidates running better, more coherent, and more thoughtful campaigns. We have studied both parties’ successes and failures over the last several cycles. We have learned from our mistakes, improved our strengths and looked out new, innovative ways to reach voters.

The same cannot be said for our friends across the aisle. Democrats lost in North Carolina, Colorado, Alaska, and Louisiana last year because they ran the same campaigns they have run for years. Voters have grown tired of their malicious, dishonest campaigns. But Democrats clearly learned nothing because they are running the exact same campaigns in 2016 they did in 2014.

Republicans will not make the same mistake in 2016.

Despite our electoral successes in 2014, we have thrown everything out and started over from scratch. Every Republican campaign this cycle will be at the very forefront of technology and innovation in critical areas such as digital outreach and voter contact.

Make no mistake about it; Republicans have our work cut out for us. Fortunately, we have been blessed with great candidates who do an excellent job representing their constituents. But we’re taking nothing for granted and we’re making sure they have every tool they need to be successful.

In 2014, Republicans ran on a promise to get the Senate working again. Leader McConnell (R-Ky.) and the entire Republican caucus have delivered on that promise, and will continue to do so. One year in, the Republican majority is off to a productive start, but there is much more work to be done. We understand nothing will be handed to us. That is why we have spent the last year relentlessly recruiting candidates, building sophisticated campaigns and raising the resources needed to win.

We’re ready for the challenges ahead of us over the coming year, and on Election Day, Republicans will again hold the majority in the United States Senate.

Baker is executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign (NRSC).

RolloNBC may not have covered itself in glory with last week’s GOP debate debacle, but at least America can count on NBC News to give Hillary Clinton equally tough treatment, as evidenced by this hard hitting piece on the eating habits of her campaign staff.

Leaving no stone unturned, NBC News revealed that Hillary Clinton’s staffers spent 66.2% of its food spending on pizza, compared to only 21.1% on subs and 11.2% on donuts. Frankly, we haven’t seen an investigation this thorough since Rollo the Janitor discovered that Billy Madison likes soda.

Yet, as Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post notes, it hasn’t been all puff pieces and pizza parties for Hillary despite the media coverage. Rather, recent polls show that the “Clinton comeback story” is largely a media creation and that she still is seen as untrustworthy and unlikeable by independents.

But let’s all keep our eyes on the important things – like pizza.

While the mainstream media pushes the fictional ‘Hillary comeback’ narrative with puff pieces and pizza profiles, the truth is that the more Americans see and hear Hillary Clinton, the more likely they are to not trust her, not like her, and want somebody else.


Ted Strickland’s time lobbying for a liberal think tank in Washington clearly has transformed him into a partisan liberal with a mean streak. That is evident by his recent comment that Senator Rob Portman is his “enemy” merely because he doesn’t share his political “values.”

Strickland has already seen this comment lead to press coverage that makes him look petty and divisive in comparison to Senator Portman. But Strickland’s statement that anyone who doesn’t agree with his liberal “values” is an enemy is more than an attack on Senator Portman – it’s an attack on Republican, Independent, and even Democratic voters who don’t agree with Strickland’s liberal “values.”

After Ted Strickland took his ‘dream job’ lobbying for a liberal Washington think tank, he came back to Ohio transformed into a partisan liberal with a mean streak and an enemies list. The last thing Ohio needs is a Senator adding to the partisan gridlock in Washington and attacking people as enemies because they don’t share his liberal values.

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads President and CEO Steven Law issued the following statement on Vice President Joe Biden’s decision not to enter the 2016 presidential race:

“Joe Biden is a well-liked, decent public servant, and I applaud him for basing his decision on the best of reasons: his family.  Our publicly expressed view has been that the Vice President would have been a tough opponent in a general election.  And while we don’t agree with him on a lot of issues, we wish him and his family well as they continue to come to terms with the loss of their son.”