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Hillary Clinton was asked during tonight’s Democratic presidential debate how she would “not be a third term of President Obama.” After pointing out the difference in their genders, Clinton went on to give a muddled response when pressed on policy substance by Anderson Cooper:

Perhaps Clinton had trouble answering the question because her record shows she would, in fact, be a 3rd term of President Obama’s failed policies – and in some cases go even farther:

Clinton Supports Obama’s Clean Climate Plan, Saying It Is “A Significant Step,” And She Will Defend It As President

The Washington Post Headline: “Hillary Clinton Promises To Build On Obama Climate Plan As President” (Anne Gearan, “Hillary Clinton Promises To Build On Obama Climate Plan As President,” The Washington Post, 8/2/15)

Clinton Called Obama’s Climate Change Plan “A Significant Step Forward” And “Sets A Smart Federal Standard That Gives States The Flexibility To Choose How To Reduce Carbon Pollution Most Effectively.” “The Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan is a significant step forward in meeting the urgent threat of climate change. It sets a smart federal standard that gives states the flexibility to choose how to reduce carbon pollution most effectively. And it drives investments in clean energy and energy efficiency, reduces asthma attacks and premature deaths, and promotes a healthier environment and a stronger economy. It’s a good plan, and as President, I’d defend it.” (The Briefing, “Statement From Hillary Clinton On President Obama’s Clean Power Plan,” Hillary For America, Accessed 10/10/15)

Clinton: “Of Course, The Clean Power Plan Standards Set The Floor, Not The Ceiling.” (The Briefing, “Statement From Hillary Clinton On President Obama’s Clean Power Plan,” Hillary For America, Accessed 10/10/15)

In Her 2016 Health Care Policy Proposal, Clinton Has Said That She Will Expand On ObamaCare

The Huffington Post Headline: “How Clinton Wants To Turn Obamacare Into Hillarycare 2.0” (Jeffrey Young, “How Clinton Wants To Turn Obamacare Into Hillarycare 2.0,” The Huffington Post, 9/23/15)

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Asserted That In Her July 2015 Economic Policy Speech, Clinton “Embraced Obamacare, Only More So.” “It follows, then, that Mrs. Clinton embraced ObamaCare, only more so. She said she’d lower out-of-pocket insurance spending and make prescription drug costs more affordable, presumably through price controls. Mrs. Clinton also said she’d ‘enhance’ Social Security, whatever that means, though it won’t be cheap. She also went beyond Mr. Obama’s universal preschool to call for a new program—also undefined—for ‘children in that zero to four age group.’” (Editorial, “A Third Term For Obamanomics,” The Wall Street Journal,7/13/15)

Clinton Has Said She Will Continue Obama’s Unaffordable Community College Plan

Clinton Will Continue President Obama’s Free Community College Plan And Pledged That Students Will Never Have To Pay More Than 10 Percent Of Their Income To Student Loans. “Clinton will also pledge to continue President Barack Obama’s free tuition plan at community colleges, as well as ensuring that students will ‘never have to pay more than 10% of their income when repaying the loan.’ ‘Everyone will be able to enroll in a simplified and streamlined income based repayment program so that borrowers never have to pay more than 10% of what they make,’ according to a white paper on Clinton’s plan.” (Dan Merica, “Hillary Clinton To Roll Out $350 Billion, 10-Year College Affordability Plan,” CNN, 8/10/15)

Hillary Clinton catered to the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic party by bashing Wall Street during tonight’s debate. Unfortunately for Clinton, numbers don’t lie; she has a history of raking in big campaign checks from Wall Street’s biggest players.

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During tonight’s debate, Hillary Clinton reiterated her claim that her use of a private email server was “allowed” when she was at the State Department, a claim that has already been debunked by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, and President Obama himself. [Read more…]

At tonight’s Democratic debate, CNN’s Anderson Cooper pushed Hillary Clinton to defend her numerous flip-flops: [Read more…]

Former Congressman Pete Gallego continues to underwhelm in his bid to reclaim Texas’ 23rd Congressional seat from Representative Will Hurd. Earlier today Politico reported that the former legislator had raised only $205,000 and had $307,000 cash on hand. [Read more…]

We only have a few hours until the first ​ DNC-sanctioned debate in Las Vegas, and sparks are already starting to fly, just not between whom you would expect.

The DNC has a heavyweight fight on its hands and it’s not Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the ring, but rather DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC vice chair Tulsi Gabbard.


DNC vice chairwoman Tulsi Gabbard publicly called for more Democratic debates on Meet The Press Daily:

Several other prominent officials in the Democratic Party have also called for more debates; some officials have even gone as far as to accuse the DNC of rigging the debate schedule to favor Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

After Gabbard’s cry for more Democratic debates, DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz uninvited her from attending the first Democratic debate.

Bringing us to today, where the America people were able to watch a full-blown fight between Gabbard & Wasserman Schultz on national TV.

Gabbard started off by yet again calling for more Democratic debates:

Wasserman Schultz went on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and denied ever uninviting Gabbard:

Gabbard’s response was, “it’s not surprising to me that she [Wasserman Schultz] is saying things that aren’t true”:

As Americans prepare to watch the Democratic candidates chase each other to the left, the Democratic Party’s leadership is stuck fighting over the number of debates. This fight shows just how unified the Democratic party really is. Stay tuned for updates.

Despite applauding her flip-flip on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka still refused to endorse Hillary Clinton for president ahead of tonight’s Democrat debate.

Going into Tuesday’s Democratic debate, Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons pointed out that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a clear message.

Read the full transcript of his remarks below:

JAMAL SIMMONS: “Well, because he has a message that is really very clear. You know, the Bernie Sanders campaign has been saying the same thing over and over again every single day. They are going after oligarchs, they want to break up the banks. It’s very clear he’s in this to return economic power to the middle and working class. Hillary Clinton has a lot of good policies, a lot of things she can talk about that she wants to be for, but you don’t quite understand what the central theme of her campaign candidacy is. I worked on the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign, and every day on the wall of that campaign — it’s famous right – ‘it’s the economy stupid.’ And don’t forget about health care. We don’t know what that is for the Clinton campaign, and until she can start to sell us that in a really compact way, it’s going to be hard for Americans to understand the rationale for the candidacy.”

Under pressure from Republicans this morning, Maggie Hassan quickly moved to distance herself from controversial comments made by her Party’s leader, Sen. Harry Reid, at a pre-debate event in Las Vegas Monday evening, but her rhetoric rings hollow given she’s accepting support from national Democratic groups aligned with the Senate Minority Leader.

Within minutes of praising Hassan’s senate candidacy, Reid slammed New Hampshire’s First In The Nation Primary and the state itself, saying “there are not any minorities there and nobody lives there” and that the Granite State, along with Iowa, “shouldn’t be the ones choosing who’s going to be president.”

What Hassan didn’t say is whether she plans to put her money where her mouth is and repudiate support from the Reid-aligned Senate Majority PAC, which has already spent $550,000 attacking Hassan’s opponent, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), which endorsed Hassan last week. Also no word from Hassan on whether she’ll accept Sen. Reid’s help fundraising.

To paraphrase a Vegas legend, Elvis Presley, New Hampshire voters need a little less talk, a little more action from Maggie Hassan.

This morning, America Rising PAC is releasing a new video ahead of tonight’s Democratic presidential debate.

The video, “Likable Enough” takes a look at some of Hillary Clinton’s worst 2008 debate moments to prepare viewers for tonight’s rehash with a whole new cast of characters. [Read more…]