Missouri’s Jason Kander Looks The Other Way On Campaign Finance

As if begging for DC cash wasn’t enough, Missouri Democrat Jason Kander is continuing his campaign of hypocrisy today.

Back in April, when Kander launched his campaign, he said:

“We don’t send politicians to Washington to climb the political leadership ladder. We send them to take on their party bosses when they need to.”

And yet today, a story covered by St. Louis Public Radio, reveals Kander’s reaction was “a collective shrug” with his fellow Democrats regarding Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster’s opposition to imposing spending limits:

Koster’s fellow Democrats have reacted to his opposition to campaign finance limits with a collective shrug – even when forcefully criticizing Republicans on the issue. Secretary of State Jason Kander, for instance, said last year that Koster’s opposition to limits hadn’t spurred much contention among Democrats.

All of this, despite Kander’s claims just last year that he supports campaign finance reform. The issue seems to be that when it comes right down to it, Kander doesn’t have what it takes to “take on” his party bosses like he claims.