8 Financial Tips From Hillary Clinton

Today Hillary Clinton is speaking at the Watermark #LeadOnCA conference, which is in part focused on personal and business finance. It’s also her first speech in the U.S. in 71 days (she’s been hiding). Clinton was kind enough to send out some helpful finance tips before she speaks:

1) Create a giant “charity” that helps fund your travel and political staff.

employees stock

2) Praise foreign companies while you’re representing America, and then they’ll donate to your “charity.”

corruption stock photo

3) Complain about civil rights problems in foreign countries, and then make sure your “charity” takes their money.

Backroom deal

4) Pay female staffers 72 cents for each dollar paid to men.

unhappy workers

5) Relate to people who are struggling to pay their mortgage by telling them you “struggled … to piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses” when really you had 2 mansions.

home family

6) Take a private jet everywhere and make other people pay for it.

private jet

7) Demand students pay for your hummus, crudité, teleprompter, and anything else you want! Great money saver.

Eating hummus

8) Most importantly, hide until people pay you  $2,777/minute to speak to them!