Hillary Clinton’s Top 7 Awful Moments Of The Week

It’s hard to imagine a worse week for Hillary Clinton. She’s trying to avoid appearing inevitable, but her lackeys indicated she might skip Democratic debates and even delay her launch another 3 months while she tries to decide if she has a message.

If every week she doesn’t announce is this bad, maybe she’ll reconsider altogether? Here are Clinton’s top 7 awful moments from this week:

1. That time she was called out for her failures in Libya by a fellow Democrat

2. And then a prisoner released in the Taliban 5 swap returned to militant activity


But don’t worry, Clinton claimed the Taliban 5 were “not a threat” to the United States! Sleep easy!


3. Also, that time her campaign started infighting before she even announced


4. When Joe Scarborough accurately called her the most Gatsby-like candidate of 2016


5. When a contractor that Clinton gave $1 billion to at State was suspended for “serious misconduct”

Hillary Clinton waste

6. That time her campaign “hinted” she might push back her launch for 3 months because ¯_(ツ)_/¯

2 more months hillary clinton cat hiding WEBSITE


7. Oh, and she also plans to skip Democrat debates, because, coronations!