Does Clinton Agree That The Obama-Clinton ISIS Strategy Is Working?


During Obama’s State of the Union, he claimed his ISIS strategy is working, specifically its “stopping ISIL’s advance.”

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has strongly backed Obama’s ISIS strategy, which has relied primarily on air strikes, leading a majority of Americans to believe he is “not ready to do whatever it takes to defeat Islamic extremists.”

In fact, just last week, The Daily Beast reported that despite the Obama-Clinton ISIS strategy, the terror group continues to gain territory in Syria, expanding its reach to over one-third of the country.

ISIS continues to gain substantial ground in Syria, despite nearly 800 airstrikes in the American-led campaign to break its grip there.

At least one-third of the country’s territory is now under ISIS influence, with recent gains in rural areas that can serve as a conduit to major cities that the so-called Islamic State hopes to eventually claim as part of its caliphate.

Does Clinton, a backer of Obama’s policy and his former Secretary of State, agree with Obama that their ISIS strategy is working?