Clinton Decries CEO Pay But Made 300 Times More Than The Average American Family

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President Obama, who previously reimbursed McCaskill for travel on her private jet, railed against private jet owners on Wednesday for not paying their fair share of taxes. Will private jet owner McCaskill cut a check to Uncle Sam or will Obama give her a free pass?
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Liberal group comes to the aid of Sen. McCaskill – but just like the candidate, is unable to defend her real record on spending.
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American Crossroads CEO Steven Law and Chairman Mike Duncan spoke this morning at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast about the role of American Crossroads, and the issues that face America today.  Some pictures from the event are below.
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Read the article here and watch the interview below

Watch our new web video below replaying the Senate’s 97-0 defeat of President Obama’s 2011 budget.

WASHINGTON — Today, American Crossroads released the following statement from its president and CEO Steven Law, on the outcome of the special election in New York’s 26th congressional district.

“Republican Jane Corwin gave it her all in a very tough special election today.The debate over whether Medicare mattered more than a third-party candidate who split the Republican vote is mostly a partisan Rorschach Test.  What is clear is that this election is a wake-up call for anyone who thinks that 2012 will be just like 2010.  It’s going to be a tougher environment, Democrats will be more competitive, and we need to play at the top of our game to win big next year.”
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According to Topline Translator, a recent AP poll showing President Obama’s approval rating at 60% under samples Republicans and skews the results.  Ed Morrissey at Hot Air explains, “The Dem/Rep/Ind breakdown in this poll is 46/29/4, as AP assigned most of the leaners to the parties.  That is a 17-point gap, more than twice what was seen in the 2008 actual popular vote that elected Obama.  It only gets worse when independents are assigned properly.  When taking out the leaners, the split becomes — I’m not kidding — 35/18/27”.

Conservative group enters special election for U.S. House in upstate New York

WASHINGTON – The conservative 527 organization American Crossroads today announced a media placement in the special election for New York’s 26th congressional district.

The buy, at roughly $350,000, includes television advertising in both the Buffalo and Rochester, New York designated market areas, as well as web advertisements.  Television advertising will start on Wednesday and run for one week.  A second week of advertising time has also been reserved.
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The Wall Street Journal reports on our plans and the plans of our sister organization, Crossroads GPS, for the 2012 election.