Washington Examiner: Conservative super PAC highlights Clinton’s worst debate moments

America Rising, a leading conservative super political action committee, is out with a minute-long montage of Hillary Clinton’s most memorable gaffes from the 2008 Democratic primary debates.

Meant to look like a sitcom episode, the new video, released just hours before Clinton will take center stage at the first Democratic debate this election cycle, opens with a cheesy narrator encouraging Americans to tune into Tuesday’s debate.

“It’s season two and debate wait is over. This fall, tune into ‘Likable Enough,’” the narrator says, as clips of Clinton’s past debate performances play onscreen.

The title, “Likable Enough,” plays off a remark made by then-Sen. Barack Obama during the final debate before the New Hampshire primary in 2008.

American Rising plans to fact-check all five Democratic candidates during tonight’s debate through live coverage on its website.

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