VIDEO: Potential Clinton VP Disagrees With Her On TPP

Just this week, Hillary Clinton was openly contemplating picking Julian Castro as her running mate. Well, this morning at The Texas Tribune Festival, Castro said he supported the TPP deal that Hillary Clinton flip-flopped to oppose, saying:

CASTRO: “Let’s take one example, which is TPP. You know, on TPP, that was a comment that she made, what, two-and-a-half or three years ago before the deal was actually negotiated.” MODERATOR: “Before there was an actual thing to be for or against.” CASTRO: “Yeah, there’s no perameters for that deal, none of the details are actually on paper. So, there may have been a phrase that was used, but was anybody at that time actually able to address the deal as it was. No because there was no deal. Now, I will say, you know if full disclosure, I support the president.” MODERATOR: “So you’re for it and she’s not.”

By aligning himself with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and not candidate Clinton, Julian Castro has created trouble for himself not only in 2016 but with key Democrat constituencies.