The Democratic Party’s Leadership Is In Full Blown Disarray Before The Party’s First Debate

We only have a few hours until the first ​ DNC-sanctioned debate in Las Vegas, and sparks are already starting to fly, just not between whom you would expect.

The DNC has a heavyweight fight on its hands and it’s not Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the ring, but rather DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC vice chair Tulsi Gabbard.


DNC vice chairwoman Tulsi Gabbard publicly called for more Democratic debates on Meet The Press Daily:

Several other prominent officials in the Democratic Party have also called for more debates; some officials have even gone as far as to accuse the DNC of rigging the debate schedule to favor Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

After Gabbard’s cry for more Democratic debates, DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz uninvited her from attending the first Democratic debate.

Bringing us to today, where the America people were able to watch a full-blown fight between Gabbard & Wasserman Schultz on national TV.

Gabbard started off by yet again calling for more Democratic debates:

Wasserman Schultz went on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and denied ever uninviting Gabbard:

Gabbard’s response was, “it’s not surprising to me that she [Wasserman Schultz] is saying things that aren’t true”:

As Americans prepare to watch the Democratic candidates chase each other to the left, the Democratic Party’s leadership is stuck fighting over the number of debates. This fight shows just how unified the Democratic party really is. Stay tuned for updates.