Sunday AM Shows Slam Clinton’s Pre-Debate Flip-Flops

Going into the first Democratic debate this week, the Sunday shows were dominated by Hillary Clinton’s numerous flip-flops this campaign and her less than impressive campaign strategy.

ABC News highlighted Hillary Clinton’s flip-flop on TPP, which she once called the “gold standard” while she was Secretary of State. The segment also featured four major breaks that Clinton has had with Obama administration in the past month.

According to CNN’s Inside Politics panel Hillary Clinton will have to be ready to explain her TPP flip-flop in the first Democratic debate, and make it sound authentic.

NBC’s Chuck Todd called these recent shifts “policy adjustments.”

Todd speculated, “Sen. Bernie Sanders strong polling is frustrating the Hillary Clinton campaign and forcing her to switch positions and move to the left.”

Both The Associated Press’s Lisa Lerer and USA Today’s Susan Page said that the upcoming Democratic debate will be more about Hillary Clinton vs. Hillary Clinton than anything else.

The Associated Press’s Lisa Lerer:

USA Today’s Susan Page:

Things only got worse for Hillary Clinton. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that if Vice President Joe Biden enters the presidential race, Bernie Sanders would become the Democratic front-runner not Hillary Clinton.

This poor polling probably explains Clinton’s post-debate strategy shift to focus less on Iowa and New Hampshire and more on Super Tuesday states, in what can only be viewed as the latest effort to save her campaign.

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