Philly Mag: McGinty Criticism Of Toomey “Silly”

Katie McGinty hasn’t had the best track record on the issues thus far in her senate campaign. She ducked the Iran deal for as long as possible, and ended up on the opposite side of her campaign chair, former Gov. Ed Rendell, on TPP.

Now she’s ramping up her attacks on Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, who she’s losing to by 20 points in the latest poll, echoing national Democrat talking points to attack him on gun control.

But Philadelphia Magazine columnist Joel Mathis regretfully informs McGinty “that dog just won’t hunt”:

I like McGinty. But this is a silly criticism. And one that might prevent the kind of action she says she wants…

…Criticizing Toomey on the gun issue might make smart politics. It does nothing to solve the gun issue. My recommendation to Dems? Move on.

So, which issue will be the source of McGinty’s next gaffe?