Obama Calling Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server A “Mistake” & A “Legitimate” Issue Dominates The Morning Shows

Yesterday, during an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” President Obama called Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server “a mistake” and “a legitimate” issue. This was the first time that the Obama administration has gone on the record calling Clinton’s use of a private email server a mistake, ​though it has long been​ reported the administration felt ​ frustrated behind closed doors.

MSNBC’s ​ Morning Joe quickly pounced on these remarks by the ​president to justify their months of questioning the Clinton campaign on this issue. Campaign surrogates have often dismissed their concerns as an illegitimate line of questioning.

​Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin reported that “the president, the vice president, and other people at the White House are not pleased with the way she [Hilary Clinton] handled her email.”

The morning shows all covered President Obama’s remarks.

NBC’s Today Show:

ABC’s Good Morning America:

CBS’s This Morning:

Making matters worse for Hillary Clinton is a new CBS News poll showing Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable rating at its highest since 1992.


It would seem the ​once-prohibitive favorite to be the Democratic nominee enters ​Tuesday’s Democratic ​debate anything but.