NV Race Gets Personal Ahead Of 3rd Quarter Filing Deadline

The crowded Democratic Primary for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District has started to heat up. Yesterday, candidate Lucy Flores used a fundraising email as an opportunity to attack her primary opponents. In an email to supporters, a desperate Flores pleaded for contributions, saying “we can’t write $50,000.00 checks to ourselves, like one of our opponents did.”


The statement is clearly a thinly veiled attack on her primary opponent (and wealthy philanthropist) Susie Lee, who loaned her own campaign $50,000 in June of this year.


It is yet to be seen if this attack will be effective in courting donations for Flores, or if it will just be another in a long list of failures. Last quarter, Flores posted dismal fundraising numbers and was called out for it during an interview on Ralston Live. Regardless, this is just the beginning of what is sure to be a long and bruising primary fight among Democrats.