Nancy Pelosi Praises Texas Democrat As “Perfect”

While many Democrats are actively avoiding association with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), one received a ringing endorsement over the weekend. Speaking at the Texas Tribune Festival this past weekend, Pelosi took some time to discuss Pete Gallego, who is running for Congress in Texas’ 23rd district. Pelosi gushed about Gallego, saying he is “kind of a perfect person to have in the Congress.”

Gallego, who served two years in Congress before losing a re-election bid in 2014, is obviously seen as a loyal ally by Pelosi. In 2013, Gallego cast his vote for Pelosi to be Speaker of the House and voted with Democrats 81% of the time during his term. Gallego may try to paint himself as a centrist on the campaign trail but in reality he’s just another rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and her failed left-wing policies.