Michigan Congressional Candidate Relies On Hollywood Cash

Melissa Gilbert, the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, is getting a little help from her friends in Hollywood as she attempts an uphill battle to join Congress.

Gilbert, a Hollywood celebrity who only moved to Michigan in 2013, has raised most of her campaign cash outside of Michigan – most which came from California and Hollywood liberals. Her fundraising haul from California donors would suggest she’s making a run for a Los Angeles-area House seat and not a central Michigan.

Gilbert’s Contributions By City

Gilbert Contributions By City

Gilbert’s Contributions From California

Gilbert Contributions California

Gilbert’s Contributions In Los Angeles Area

Gilbert LA contributions


Select Hollywood Donors To Gilbert

Some of the more well known celebrities who gave money to Gilbert are:

Alec Baldwin

Rosie O’Donnell

Seth Green

Jennifer Garner

Florence Henderson

Jane Kaczmarek

Jeffrey Katezenberg

Katey Sagal

Kiefer Sutherland

Daniel Stern

Steve Zahn


It’s only 2015 and Gilbert has already raked in thousands of dollars from Hollywood. The total amount she collects from California liberals will likely be well into the six-digits by the time November 2016 comes along.