Hillary Clinton’s Laughable Wall Street “Crack Down”

With Bernie Sanders surging, Hillary Clinton is running scared and getting desperate. Last night, announced her plans to “crack down” on Wall Street, which when you look at the numbers, is basically the equivalent of letting the inmates run the prison. Consider:

·Hillary Clinton’s previous political campaigns have been the recipients of $2.6 million in contributions from Wall Street;

·Bill and Hillary Clinton have taken more than $23 million in speaking fees from the financial services industry.

On top of all that, since the start of her campaign 6 months ago, Clinton has attended 21 separate fundraisers hosted by individuals employed at Wall Street firms or other financial institutions. Clinton has no credibility on this issue.

Of those 21 fundraisers, three were hosted by people who have been accused of finance violations or mishandling money:

Rajiv Fernando hosted a Clinton fundraiser on July 21. He’s given thousands to Clinton and PACs supporting her and between $500k and $1M to the Clinton Foundation. He also owns Chopper Trading—the very type of high-frequency trading firm Clinton claims to so adamantly oppose. Chopper Trading was subpoenaed for their involvement in the 2010 “Flash Crash” and was sued by the city of Providence, Rhode Island for defrauding the city.

Blair Effron and his wife Cheryl have given between $132,500 and $280,500 to Clinton political campaigns and the Clinton Foundation. Effron also attended a fundraiser for Clinton this cycle in May 2015. Maybe that is why Clinton is willing to overlook the fact that Effron’s company was accused of bid rigging in March 2011.

Steven Rattner and his wife Maureen White hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on May 13, 2015. Like the others above, the two have donated thousands to Clinton’s campaigns given $60,000 to $125,000 to the Clinton Foundation through personal and family foundation donations. In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission along with the New York State Attorney General’s office charged Rattner with participating in a pay-to-play scheme. Authorities “caught him covering up his own involvement” in the scheme. In 2011, he paid $16 million to settle the case.

Clinton’s so-called “crack down” is just more evidence that she is running scared of Bernie Sanders and the far-left wing of her Party.