Dysfunction In Maine Dem Primary

As predicted Maine’s 2nd Congressional Democratic primary is already becoming dysfunctional. Failed 2014 congressional candidate Emily Cain and Bangor City Councilor Joe Baldacci each made appearances on Beacon Podcast, where they traded barbs against each other and claimed to be the better candidate.

Cain told the Beacon that she is “the only person running in the whole race who has successfully voted for and been a part of passing a minimum wage increase,” referring Baldacci’s recent minimum wage failure.

Cain went on to tout her endorsements from local labor unions, EMILY’s List, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Baldacci didn’t hold back on Cain and said he is the only candidate who has opposed tax breaks for the rich. Baldacci said rank-and-file Democrat voters want someone who will stand up for basic Democratic values.

It appears that Kennebec Journal was accurate in reporting  a Democratic primary would “test Democratic loyalties in and around Bangor.” Seems like Maine Democrats are going to need all the luck they can get.