Democratic Congressional Hopeful Admits To Having No Ideas For Middle East Problems

In a recent interview, Democratic hopeful Eric Kingson (NY-24) admitted to having no plan nor any ideas to address the problems in the Middle East. When asked a specific question on the topic, Kingson answered, “I’m not sure.”

GRANT REEHER: “And you mentioned that you would have voted for the Iran deal before, so let me ask you then this question about the Middle East right now. Given where we are right now, should we be increasing our presence, should we be drawing back on our presence? What do we do given where we are now?” KINGSON: “We’re in a mess. I think – well first of all I’d say we always should support Israel. It’s extremely important to provide a full range of support for Israel. The Middle East is a quagmire, I don’t think we’ve made things better by destroying Iraq by the wars that we’ve entered into and I guess I’m going to say this, and I’ll say this when I don’t know something; I’m not sure. Although I suspect I’m connected to a lot of folks who aren’t sure.”

Earlier in the interview, however, Kingson expressed his support for the highly contentious Iran nuclear deal.

Either Kingson is taking a page out of Rep. Annie Kuster’s (D-NH) absurd Middle East playbook and dodging the issue, or he actually has no coherent or thought out plans of his own. Whatever the case, the constituents of New York’s 24th Congressional District deserve a little more clarity and devotion to critical national security concerns.