Dem. Strategist: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Doesn’t Have A Clear Message

Going into Tuesday’s Democratic debate, Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons pointed out that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a clear message.

Read the full transcript of his remarks below:

JAMAL SIMMONS: “Well, because he has a message that is really very clear. You know, the Bernie Sanders campaign has been saying the same thing over and over again every single day. They are going after oligarchs, they want to break up the banks. It’s very clear he’s in this to return economic power to the middle and working class. Hillary Clinton has a lot of good policies, a lot of things she can talk about that she wants to be for, but you don’t quite understand what the central theme of her campaign candidacy is. I worked on the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign, and every day on the wall of that campaign — it’s famous right – ‘it’s the economy stupid.’ And don’t forget about health care. We don’t know what that is for the Clinton campaign, and until she can start to sell us that in a really compact way, it’s going to be hard for Americans to understand the rationale for the candidacy.”