Colorado Democratic Candidate Attacks “Mainstream Media” And Denver Post

During a September 2015 “Listening Tour” in Douglas County, Colorado, Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District Morgan Carroll attacked what she called the “mainstream media,” specifically calling out The Denver Post and two of its top journalists.

When discussing the need for strong grassroots support for her congressional bid, Carroll claimed that she and her supporters “can’t count on the mainstream media to do real reporting.” Carroll then launched a diatribe against The Denver Post Editorial Board and two of the paper’s top journalists – Politics Editor Chuck Plunkett and Editorial Page Editor Vincent Carroll.

In her denouncement of the The Denver Post, Carroll highlighted the paper’s endorsement of 6th District Republican Congressman Mike Coffman over his 2014 Democratic opponent Andrew Romanoff. Carroll then went on to claim that she could “already tell you the endorsement’s going to go for Coffman again” because her politics are even further to the left of Romanoff’s.


Full Transcript:

CARROLL: “Cory Gardner was the year behind me in CU Law, by the way. So I don’t know if you were here during that election but –” [Cross talk] 

CARROLL: “See they get to reinvent themselves and when we don’t point it out, the problem is is that it’s almost being complicit in letting it stand as true. And we’re going to need help on social media so it’s not just ‘oh candidate said this and that,’ but part of what we’re going to have to do because TV is so expensive in buying is have folks that are willing to ‘friend,’ ‘like,’ ‘share,’ so when we need to do rapid response on fact check that we have a grassroots army of people that are willing to ‘like,’ ‘share,’ ‘forward,’ call it out. And eventually at this point the media, if anything might wag, and decide to pick it up. But we can’t count on the mainstream media to do real reporting.” [Attendee remarks] 

CARROLL: “And the Denver Post board and Vincent Carroll and – oh what’s that guy’s name – is it Chuck Plunkett? [inaudible]. I mean you remember when they endorsed him over Romanoff? But, I think our politics are even further apart. I mean I can already tell you the endorsement’s going to go for Coffman again.”