Clinton’s Go-To Campaign Strategy: Just Laugh It Off

Last night, Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC’s Saturday Night Live in the latest attempt by her campaign to show her “funny and personable side.” During the sketch, Clinton joked about dodging key issues important to voters, and she allowed SNL to specifically mock her delayed opposition to the Keystone Pipeline and her flip-flop on gay marriage. Check out the transcript below:

SNL’s KATE MCKINNON (AS HILLARY CLINTON): “Well first, I am a grandmother. Second, I am a human entrusted with this one green earth.”

HILLARY CLINTON (AS BARTENDER VAL): “ Oh I get it. You’re a politician.”

MCKINNON: “Yes, yes. And uh, how about you?”

CLINTON: “Well me? I’m just an ordinary citizen who believes the Keystone pipeline will destroy our environment.”

MCKINNON: “I agree with you there. It did take me a long time to decide that, but I am against it.”

CLINTON: “You know, nothing wrong with taking your time. What’s important is getting it right.”

MCKINNON: “Yup, I’ll drink to that. God I love a scalding hot vodka.”

OTHER BARTENDER: “Mrs. Clinton, I’m so sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to say my sister’s gay, so thank you for all that you’ve done for gay marriage.”

MCKINNON: “Well, you’re welcome.”

CLINTON: “It really is great how long you’re supported gay marriage.”

MCKINNON: “Yes. I could’ve supported it sooner.”

CLINTON: “Well, you did it pretty soon.”

MCKINNON: “Could’ve been sooner.”

CLINTON: “Fair point.”

But unfortunately, Clinton’s “jokes” have become commonplace during her campaign. Earlier this summer, she joked about having a new Snapchat account as the FBI’s investigation into her private server was just beginning. Days later, she answered a question about wiping her private server clean with the flippant remark, “What, like with a cloth or something?”

It’s clear that at this point in her campaign – with continued questions about her private server, terrible poll numbers, and numerous attempts to “re-set” her campaign – Clinton would rather laugh off serious issues than confront them with actual answers and explanations.