Clinton Claims She Has Detailed Her Spending Plans. That’s Not True.

At today’s event in Muscatine, Iowa, Hillary Clinton made the claim that she has laid out how all of her proposals would be paid for and challenged her opponents to do the same.

That is inaccurate. Since announcing her candidacy, Clinton has laid out $650 billion in new spending proposals, but media outlets have reported on Clinton failing to disclose how much several of her proposals would cost:

Universal Pre-K: “Hillary Clinton is trying to sell the idea that she’s running a substantive policy campaign, but her initial proposal for universal preschool released at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Monday left out important details: How much the plan costs and how she intends to pay for it.”

Apprenticeship Program: “As with Monday’s preschool proposal, a cost estimate of the apprenticeship plan wasn’t immediately available, the Clinton aide said. Campaign aides have said that Mrs. Clinton’s proposals would be paid for with tax increases or spending cuts, but haven’t detailed them yet.”

Solar Panels: “The Clinton camp estimates that its proposal, which calls for installing 500 million solar panels across the U.S. by the end of her term, would cost about $60 billion over 10 years — money that would come from rolling back tax benefits for the oil and gas industry. But it’s unclear where at least $20 billion of that money would come from.”

While the New York Times speculated that Clinton’s Universal Pre-K plan could cost tens of billions, estimates are not available for other Clinton proposals.

Apparently she was so eager to attack her rivals that she forgot she’s guilty of the exact same thing she’s accusing others of doing.