After Pitiful Fundraising Quarter, Nevada Democrat’s Chances Are Fading Fast

Despite her best efforts, Lucy Flores, one of the four Democrats running for Nevada’s 4th Congressional seat, just can’t cut it. After an underwhelming 2nd quarter, Flores went on offense, hoping to bounce back by attacking her opponents. Unfortunately, her tactics were ineffective. Flores’ October FEC report was released last night and it does not bode well for the candidate’s chances in the race.

In the last quarter, Flores raised a paltry $75,342.10, over $55,000 less than her next closest rival. Adding insult to injury, Flores spent $78,321.63, resulting in a cash burn rate of 103% and now has only $73,543.54 cash on hand! As reporter Jon Ralston so eloquently put it, “That is…not good.”

The countdown clock for Flores’ campaign has officially begun.