VIDEOS: On Meet The Press, Clinton Meets Her Own Trail Of Bogus Email Explanations

This morning, Hillary Clinton joined Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” The show began with a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that showed Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders has dropped from 60 percentage points in June 2015 (75-15) to just seven points in a three-way race with Joe Biden.

The interview then shifted to Clinton’s email scandal, and never changed topics again:

Clinton Can’t Explain Discrepancy About When She Started To Use Private Server

Clinton Challenged On Explanation Of Why Emails Were Turned Over

Clinton: It Is Like A Drip, Drip, Drip Out Of My Control

The only time the topic shifted slightly was at the end of the interview, when Todd rolled a brutal compilation video of Clinton’s flip fops on all the major issues of the day, highlighting the fact that Clinton takes whatever position is more popular at the time:

NBC Plays Brutal Collection Of Clinton Flip-Flopping Clips