The Clinton Campaign’s Completely Inadequate Response To Hacking Attempt

The Associated Press reported earlier that Russian hackers attempted to secure access to Hillary Clinton’s private email account through a series of emails disguised as speeding tickets sent to Clinton’s private email account.

This news comes despite multiple claims by Clinton that there were “numerous safeguards” in place to block this type of attack.

The Clinton campaign attempted to brush off the news as nothing more than harmless “spam”:

Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign, said: “We have no evidence to suggest she replied to this email or that she opened the attachment. As we have said before, there is no evidence that the system was ever breached. All these emails show is that, like millions of other Americans, she received spam.”

To be clear: this was not spam. This was a phishing attempt by Russian hackers to breach the U.S. Secretary of State’s email account.