Six Things We’ve Learned About The Clinton Foundation Since The Last CGI Annual Meeting

This weekend, the Clinton Foundation will hold its 2015 CGI Annual Meeting. America Rising decided to compile this list of things we’ve learned about the Clinton Foundation since its last CGI meeting:

1. The Clinton Foundation Started Taking Money From Foreign Governments Again

Reports over the last year have highlighted that the Clinton Foundation was accepting foreign government donations while Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State and that foreign government donations to the Foundation stepped up after she left the State Department. Some of these donations came from countries with awful women’s rights records, completely contradicting Hillary Clinton’s record on the issue. And some of these foreign donors were lobbying the Clinton State Department while donating to the Foundation.

2. The Clinton Foundation Attempted To Invite A Putin-Tied, Russian Oil Oligarch To Its 2012 Annual Meeting

Emails released to Citizens United via FOIA revealed that in 2012, the Clinton Foundation wanted to invite a Putin-tied, Russian oil oligarch to its annual meeting. The United States even considered placing sanctions on this individual after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014.

3. Bill Clinton Tried To Give Controversial Speeches And Have The Speaking Fees Given To The Foundation

In May 2015, the Clinton Foundation revealed it had received $26 million from speaking fees for speeches given by Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton. However, only recently we learned that Bill Clinton’s and his aides wanted to give speech in North Korea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and to an Iran-tied group and have the fees given to the Clinton Foundation.

4. The Clinton Foundation Used Taxpayer Funds To Pay For Staff

A Politico report revealed that Bill Clinton’s post-presidency expenses from the U.S. government helped cover “salaries of some employees” of the Clinton Foundation:

Multiple sources familiar with Clinton’s funding say the special federal money has supplemented the salaries of some employees of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, a global non-profit that has served as Hillary Clinton’s primary platform as she prepares for a presidential campaign expected to launch in coming weeks.

5. The Clinton Foundation And Its Affiliated Groups Have Had Issues With Donor Disclosure

The Clinton Health Access Initiative didn’t disclose its donations while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership did not disclose any of its donors until it was pressure to do so. And the Clinton Foundation failed to properly disclose donations from one of its top donors.

6. Hillary Clinton Intervened To Help Clinton Foundation Donor UBS Settle A Lawsuit With The IRS

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton took the “unusual” step of intervening on behalf of Clinton Foundation donor UBS in its lawsuit with the IRS. UBS’ donations to the Clinton Foundation “dramatically” increased after Clinton’s intervention.