Senator Feingold Denounced Outside Spending In 1998. Now: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What a difference a few elections makes when it comes to Senator Feingold. In the past, he denounced PACs, but then started his own PAC to pay himself. He also pledged to take a majority of his money from Wisconsinites, but he abandoned that stance too.

Now, the three-term Senator is going back on his promise to refuse outside spending on his behalf. In 1998, Feingold ordered outside groups to “get the hell out of my state,” and also told pro-environmental groups and unions to not run attack ads against his opponent.

Fast-forward 17 years and Senator Feingold seems to think that his past pledges have lost their political advantage. As outside groups come into Wisconsin to attack Ron Johnson, one might imagine Mr. Campaign Finance Reform would tell them to “get the hell out” again.

Unfortunately, it’s crickets from the Stanford professor this time around. Once again, Russ Feingold said one thing, but now he’s doing the opposite. Just more Washington-speak from a lifetime Washington politician.