Sam Youngman: “Conway sweats. A lot.”

Over at the Lexington Herald-Leader, political writer Sam Youngman offers a blistering critique of Jack Conway’s performance at Tuesday night’s debate.

Not only did Youngman compare Conway to “A 1980s commercial for antiperspirant,” but said:

“Between the Al Gore body language and the 1960 Richard Nixon sweating, Conway looked ill at ease on the stage, and he desperately needs strong debate performances from here on out to break through a political environment that is potentially apocalyptic for Democrats.”

Conway’s answer to a question about a sexual harassment case bothered Youngman (among others)

“The larger problem for Conway came from some of his answers, especially his response to my question about sexual harassment in Frankfort.

It’s a safe bet that Republicans will continue hammering Conway for noting in his response that he has a female dog.”

Youngman sums it up with:

“My guess is that Conway’s performance wasn’t disqualifying, but he needs to vastly improve in several areas before he and Bevin meet on stage again.”

Maybe he can ask Massachusetts’ Martha Coakley for some advice.