Patrick Murphy Blames America For “Greed And Selfish Behavior”

Florida senate candidate Patrick Murphy flubbed his way through an interview with CBS Miami’s Jim DeFede on Sunday, giving vague answers about his qualifications for a promotion to the U.S. Senate despite ranking as one of the least effective congressman in the nation.

However, Murphy did have one moment of clarity during the exchange. As first reported by The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis, Murphy slammed America for “greed” and selfishness.

Democratic Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy, who is running for U.S. Senate to replace Marco Rubio, has had a rough couple of weeks. First, he channeled Neville Chamberlain’s infamous “peace in our time” rhetoric when he endorsed the Iran deal.

And now, in a local interview that aired on Sunday, he declared that “America has topped the world, in many ways, [in] greed and selfish behavior.”

Watch the video:

To recap: Patrick Murphy is terrible at his job and thinks the nation he represents at the federal level is greedy and selfish. As Lewis writes, “Patrick Murphy, call your office.”