On Face The Nation, Clinton Won’t Admit Failure In Judgment, Claims Others Housed Private Servers

On CBS News’ Face The Nation this morning, Hillary Clinton was pressed on her use of a private email server.

Clinton has made news recently, attempting to strike a more contrite tone than the defiant one she used for months prior to her latest “reset.” But Clinton wasn’t willing to admit that her choice to house a private server in her home was a failure in judgment:

Perhaps unclear on what Clinton is claiming to be sorry for, Face The Nation host John Dickerson asked Clinton what she’s sorry for and to whom is she apologizing. Clinton answers that she’s sad people are focusing on her email scandal:

And finally, Dickerson presses Clinton on the fact that no one at Clinton’s level in the U.S. government has ever done what she did by housing a private server in her home. Clinton alleges others have, but does not give specifics: