Nevada Democrat Should Keep His Fingers Crossed

State Senator Ruben Kihuen, a Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, appeared on Jon Ralston’s “Ralston Live” last night, where he claimed he is the best candidate because he has “the strongest progressive record of getting things accomplished in Carson City.” 

This is the same Kihuen that the Las Vegas Sun said “will likely have to assuage concerns about his anemic legislative accomplishments” and called Kihuen’s legislative career “far from robust.”

Ralston questioned Kihuen’s “progressive” record for his support of the Nevada Preservation of Religious Freedom Act, which “progressives were very upset” with him about. Kihuen continuously dodged the question and finally said “just because you sign onto a bill doesn’t mean you support it.”

Kihuen also told Ralston that he is “keeping his fingers crossed” for his mentor, Senator Harry Reid’s endorsement.

At this rate, Kihuen should probably keep his fingers crossed for the entire race.