Memo: Clinton World In Full Panic Mode

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and supporters are in full panic mode, as evidenced by today’s memo from David Brock, hairstyle trailblazer and head of pro-Clinton super PAC Correct The Record.

After listing a set of delusional, inaccurate descriptors of Hillary Clinton, Brock rhetorically asks himself:

And what if I told you we were at risk of blowing that opportunity because we couldn’t stifle our own propensity to panic?

He goes on to bemoan Democrats who are apparently telling him “the sky is falling.” (Gee, wonder why.)

The rest of the memo reads like one man’s personal beef with the media, and more specifically the New York Times, for not seeing his deeply flawed candidate in the same light he does.

In particular, Brock seems to take issue with the Clinton email scandal coverage—what stories needed corrections, who’s to blame (hint: anyone but Clinton, according to Brock).

What’s not mentioned is that Clinton’s email scandal has been raging now for seven months, and this defense comes off as painfully desperate.