Liberal D.C. Group Endorses Former Liberal D.C. Group President

In a stunning development sure to shake up the race, far-left special interest group is endorsing Ted Strickland:

Members of Political Action in Illinois and Ohio have voted decisively to endorse Senate candidates and progressive champions Rep. Tammy Duckworth and Ted Strickland, respectively, on the heels of their strong support for the historic nuclear agreement with Iran.

The endorsement hardly comes as a surprise, given that Strickland recently finished serving as president of another ultra-liberal D.C.-based organization, the Center for American Progress (CAP) Action Fund – a position he called his “dream job”:

It doesn’t get much more liberal than and CAP. Strickland, who once tried to appeal to Ohio voters and not just D.C. insiders, wouldn’t always have been MoveOn’s type of candidate, but since getting ousted from the governorship in 2010 he’s moved sharply to the left on key issues, including energy and gun rights. National Journal reported this week:

And Strickland isn’t merely tied to these issues by association with CAP. Since leaving office, he’s come out in favor of background checks for gun purchasers and discussed in depth the dangers of climate change. Most recently, he told National Journal that he likely would not support construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a hot-button issue for business, labor, energy, and environmental groups that he has long declined to take a position on.

MoveOn’s endorsement announcement, which included a fundraising pitch, touted Strickland as a “diplomacy champion” for supporting President Obama’s unpopular Iran nuclear deal:

As a member of Congress in 2002, Ted Strickland cast a courageous vote against invading Iraq. Last month, Strickland again stood strong for peace by supporting diplomacy with Iran.

Unfortunately for Strickland’s electoral prospects back home, nearly 60 percent of Ohioans oppose the Iran deal:

In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, voters rejected the deal announced between Iran and six world powers last month and also said the agreement would make the world less safe, not safer…

…In Ohio, 58 percent opposed the deal, compared with 24 percent who support it. Additionally, 56 percent to 26 percent think the deal would lead to a less safe world.

Given that Strickland’s positions are more in line with D.C. liberals than Ohio voters, it’s likely that the only way he’ll find himself back in Washington come 2016 is if he gets another think tank job.