The Top 10 Out Of Touch Emails From The Latest Clinton State Department Email Release

1) Hillary Clinton Is Reminded By Huma  Abedin That She Cannot Attend A Screening At The Tribeca Film Festival Because She Will Be In Estonia. 

Clinton Email On Tribeca Film Festival


2) Sid Blumenthal Invites Clinton To A Private Showing Of The Film “Fair Game” Hosted By Joe Wilson.

Blumenthal Clinton Email Invitation To Fair Game Showing


3) Huma Gives Clinton An Update On The Return Of Oscar Gowns.

Huma Email Update On Oscar Gowns

4) Clinton Wants Bon Jovi And Martha Stewart Added To Her Call List.

Clinton Email Requesting Bon Jovi Added To Call List

5) Clinton Receives Birthday Wishes From Bono And His Wife. 

Clinton Receives Birthday Wishes From Bono

6) Clinton Attends A Buffet Dinner And A Book Party In East Hampton. 

Clinton Attends Book Party In East Hamptons


7) Clinton Says Her Internet Freedom Speech Makes Her “Sound Like A Techie.”

Clinton Says She Sounds Like A Techie

8) Clinton Wants To Meet All The CEOS Attending A White House Dinner.

Clinton Wants To Meet CEOS At White House Dinner

9) Clinton And Huma Had A Conversation About Personal Salon Appointments

Email About Clinton Salon Appointments

10) Clinton Tells Huma She Wants To Take A Larger Private Plane Instead Of Little Newer Ones. 

Clinton email wants to take larger private plane