Clinton Trots Out Loyal Dems To Defend Her Lack Of Accomplishments

Seventeen months after being asked at the 2014 Women of the World summit to name an accomplishment as Secretary of State, Team Clinton has trotted out a series of partisan Democrats—all of whom have benefited financially or politically from their connections to the Clintons—to list a series of “accomplishments” from Hillary Clinton’s lifetime.

Naming a Clinton accomplishment is something few have been able to do when pressed.

The constraints of naming a “top accomplishment as Secretary of State” were too tough for some, so they were forced to name things like a speech Clinton gave in 1995 as her most impressive feat.

Others cited Clinton’s involvement in the Iran deal as accomplishment, but Clinton made a series of concessions to Iran, and the deal ultimately lifts an arms embargo on Iran and does not prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities. What an accomplishment!