Catherine Cortez Masto Really Doesn’t Want To Endorse Hillary Clinton

Nevada senate candidate and Harry Reid protégé Catherine Cortez Masto does not take kindly to being pinned down on issues, as anyone familiar with her epic Iran deal dodge knows well. But when she finally agreed to a full-length interview with veteran Nevada reporter Jon Ralston, it seemed like she would finally have to articulate clear positions.

Not so much. From muddled answers on issues ranging from foreign policy to Planned Parenthood, Cortez Masto displayed a stunning lack of readiness for a candidate in a top-tier race. She didn’t even answer the charge that her position at the Nevada System of Higher Education was “cushy” and “not a real job”:

However, she did take a clear and immediate stand on one issue: Cortez Masto will not – repeat, not – endorse Hillary Clinton for President. She rebuffed back-to-back questions about whether she supported the floundering Democratic frontrunner (and 2008 Nevada caucus winner) and praised other candidates:

Cortez Masto endorsed Obama in 2008 and has been tepid on the subject of Clinton to say the least. Despite Clinton focusing much of her organizing efforts on Nevada, Cortez Masto’s only comment has been to say “there’s a good chance” Clinton could win the state when pressed on the issue by a reporter in January. Could a surprise Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden endorsement be coming?