Bill Clinton’s Top 5 Worst 2015 Moments (So Far)

The Associated Press reported this week that Hillary Clinton’s campaign would be trotting out Bill Clinton more often to do surrogate work on behalf of the campaign. They seem to be operating under the assumption that he’s the same politician he was 20 years ago, and that it’s still 1992.

Because more recently, the former President has been out of touch and off message. See his top 5 worst moments below:

1. “I Gotta Pay Our Bills”

The Clintons are reportedly worth about $55 million, yet in May 2015 Bill told NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden that he would continue to give paid speeches while Hillary runs for president because, he said, “I gotta pay our bills.”

2. “You Never Know” What Clinton Foundation Foreign Donors Want

In June, Bill sat down with Jake Tapper, who pressed the former president on Clinton Foundation foreign donors who also had business before State Department, which Hillary ran from 2009-2013. Bill said, “I don’t know. You never know what peoples’ motives are….” Just this week, he again refused to apologize for accepting foreign donations during that period.

3. Bill’s Town & Country Cover Photo

Bill Clinton on the cover of Town & Country's May Philanthropy I

Bill posed for the cover of Town & Country magazine in Haiti, wearing a Panerai watch that costs the equivalent of 10 years of wages for the average Haitian. There’s also a helicopter in the background.

4. Bill Blames The Media & GOP For Hillary’s Email Problems

On Sunday, CNN aired an interview with Bill Clinton in which Fareed Zakaria asked him why Hillary’s campaign is struggling to gain traction. Bill goes on to blame Republicans and the media for reporting on the fact that Hillary exclusively used a private email for work purposes and housed a server in their Chappaqua home. He repeated this line of attack on Monday on CNBC.

5. Emails Reveal Bill Asked To Give Speeches To North Korea & Congo While Hillary Was Secretary Of State

Emails produced by a Citizens United lawsuit last month revealed that Bill Clinton asked permission from Hillary Clinton’s State Department “to make a buck,” according to ABC News, by giving speeches to authoritarian states North Korea and The Congo.