Beshear’s Strategy Of Silence

Kentucky has been the focus of national news this past week. County Clerk Kim Davis found herself in jail for refusing to sign off on same-sex marriage licenses citing religious beliefs.

One would think Andy Beshear, Democrat candidate for attorney general, would have something to say on the matter, but so far he has dodged questions, and left events early to avoid any significant interaction with the press.

This goes to a bigger issue with Andy Beshear’s candidacy and his strategy of silence. Beshear has been running an absentee campaign, not widely publicizing events and avoiding any off-script media interaction.

The fact is, voters don’t know anything about Beshear, and that’s how he wants it. He has refused to be transparent and release a list of clients he has represented in his private legal practice, many of which have business before the Attorney General’s office. Beshear’s refusal to disclose his clients even brought criticism from liberal watchdog group, Common Cause Kentucky, whose chairman said it is hard to see how Beshear could take money from “special interests and serve as the people’s lawyer.”

Now, despite the entire national media focusing on Kentucky, and his opponent,Whitney Westerfield, taking a clear position, Beshear still hasn’t told the voters where he stands on the issue at hand. In the past, when asked where he stands on same-sex marriage, Beshear refused to comment, claiming it would be inappropriate for him to comment because he might have to render an opinion on the issue if elect.

At a time where voters seem to be drawn to courageous candidates, it’s hard to see how Beshear’s strategy of silence will spur any enthusiasm.