America Rising PAC Launches Facebook Ad Campaign Bracketing Clinton’s Puerto Rico Visit

As Hillary Clinton fundraises and campaigns in Puerto Rico today, America Rising PAC is exposing her record of runaway spending and higher taxes – a record she shares with Puerto Rico’s left-wing and deeply unpopular governor, Alejandro García Padilla.

As first reported by Kevin Cirilli in The Hill, America Rising PAC ads in Spanish and English targeting Puerto Rican Facebook users on desktop and mobile tie Clinton’s $600 billion in policy proposals – and her plan to raise taxes to pay for them – with Gov. Padilla’s deeply unpopular tax hikes and mismanagement of Puerto Rico’s $72 billion debt. The governor has been facing daily protests and dire headlines; a July New York Times headline read, “Despair and Anger as Puerto Ricans Cope With Debt Crisis.”

Padilla and Clinton also share sinking poll numbers. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll has Clinton’s favorability rating underwater nationally, and Puerto Rican polling has put Gov. Padilla’s approval rating below 20 percent, with nearly 70 percent of voters saying the commonwealth is heading in the wrong direction.

The below graphics, along with the message “Clinton & Padilla = More Taxes, More Debt,” (Spanish: “Clinton & Padilla = Más Impuestos, Más Deuda”) will appear in the Facebook feeds of users across the island:

ClintonPadillaFBEnglish ClintonPadillaFBSpanish

See the America Rising document outlining Clinton and Padilla’s shared tax-and-spend agenda here.