Three Questions The Press Is Asking Biden That They Could Be Asking Clinton

As speculation – which has been sounding a whole lot like excitement from many Democrats – runs rampant about a potential Joe Biden run, press and pundits have been working overtime to analyze what a Biden candidacy would look like.

MSNBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald identified “Eight questions Joe Biden must weigh ahead of a presidential run.”

As interesting as it would be to hear how Vice President Biden would answer these questions, it’s perhaps more telling that Hillary Clinton – who, unlike Biden, is an official presidential candidate – has yet to answer many of them. We’d like to know how she would answer a few, namely:

Is it too late?

…To fix her plummeting poll numbers (Monday’s morning shows were full of speculation that Clinton’s lackluster numbers “invites a challenge”).

…To change voter’s perception of her as untrustworthy (which evasive and conflicting answer will she give about her email scandal today?)

…To reverse her underwater favorability ratings (yesterday’s NBC/WSJ poll has her favorability at an all time low).

Who are the Clinton Democrats?

·      Not the thousands of Democrats turning out at Bernie Sanders events across the country.

·      Not the memberships of many labor unions.

·      Not the environmental activists who heckled her during a New Hampshire speech.

·      Or the majority of Democrats in critical early primary state New Hampshire for that matter.

Are there any potential issues in her record?

Um…to name a few:

·      Secret Emails

·      Foundation Accepting Foreign Donations

·      Benghazi

·      Her failed Russia “Reset”