Revisiting The Iran Deal Dodgers

Last Friday, we pointed out a trend among Democrats running for U.S. senate – they don’t want to take a position on the President’s controversial Iran deal:


Another week has gone by and – unbelievably – we were able to give our graphic designer a break because all eight of these Democrats are still stonewalling, obfuscating, and straight-up ignoring questions about their position.

The only new development we’ve seen in the intervening days is the increasingly ridiculous spin coming from these candidates – most of whom will eventually have to vote on the deal. Let’s review:

Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto has been hiding from reporters, but she couldn’t hide from an intrepid America Rising tracker, who caught up with her at a Wednesday event. In what will become a theme, she continued to dodge even in the face of direct questions:

But it’s okay, her mentor Sen. Harry Reid says her position doesn’t matter. No worries, Nevada!

Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth has been keeping a low profile since her coast to the nomination imploded last week – maybe she’s finally taking the time to “do her homework” like she said she would 46 days ago when the deal was released. (Bonus question: Does she think fellow Democratic Rep. Cherie Bustos, who came out in favor of the deal this week, “rushed to judgment” like she said her Republican opponent did?)

Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania has been MIA from the campaign trail (all those pesky reporters with their questions!) but her campaign had this to say:

“On this critical issue, Katie, like [Democratic] Sen. [Bob] Casey and others, is carefully assessing the impact of the proposed agreement on the nation’s security. While some Republicans are using this issue to score political points, Democrats need to remain focused on the facts and what is best for the country,” said McGinty campaign manager Mike Mikus.

Except it’s not Republicans criticizing McGinty’s dodge, it’s this guy:

In Florida, Reps. Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson have been busy attacking each other as if the primary was next week, but Grayson did pause to make it clear that he plans to wait until the last possible second to make a decision on the deal:

And Murphy “released a statement explaining that he is taking the time available and necessary to examine the deal.” Apparently more than six weeks isn’t enough time.

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan has been too occupied shutting down her state to devote much time to foreign policy:

And Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona? Her poll numbers are so low that reporters may have forgotten to ask her about her position – and she would seemingly like to keep it that way.

The only actual senator in the group, Colorado’s Michael Bennet – one of the few sitting senators who hasn’t taken a position – seemed poised to break his silence at a forum on Wednesday, but then he said this:

Whomp whomp.