POLITICO: America Rising taps Mitt Romney cash network

America Rising, the Republican oppo research shop, is looking to tap Mitt Romney’s extensive donor network as it gears up for 2016.

Spencer Zwick, the chairman of America Rising and one of Romney’s top fundraisers, convened a group of Romney supporters Wednesday at the Bountiful, Utah, home of real estate investor Scott Keller. The event drew around 80 of the 2012 Republican nominee’s most prominent donors.

In an email, Zwick said the meeting had nothing to do with picking a Republican candidate for 2016, but rather building a bank account for America Rising.

“We’re neutral in the Republican primary, and focused like a laser on defeating Secretary Clinton and holding Democrats everywhere accountable,” Zwick wrote in an email. “Donors respond very positively to the innovative ways America Rising uses opposition research and video tracking to drive news narratives and influence elections, and I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

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