New Low? Clinton Trails Sanders In NH On All Fronts

Bernie Sanders now leads Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire 42-35 in a new PPP poll released this morning. This is the second poll to show Clinton trailing Sanders in the Granite State.

Clinton’s numbers among Democrats are dropping fast—down 30 points since April—according to the poll:

Hillary Clinton’s favorability numbers have taken a little bit of a hit- she was at 78/10 with Democratic primary voters in April, but now she’s at a 63/25 spread.

The poll shows Sanders leading among nearly all ideological groups including women, younger voters, moderates, and liberals:

Sanders is ahead with ‘somewhat liberal’ voters (45/32), ‘very liberal’ ones (46/37), and moderates (40/36) alike. And although there is certainly a gender gap Sanders is ahead with both men (44/30) and women (41/38). But the real big divide we see is along generational lines- Clinton is ahead 51/34 with seniors, but Sanders has a 45/29 advantage with everyone under the age of 65.

As PPP notes: “it’s clear there’s a real race now in the Granite State.”