Morning Shows: Joe Biden’s Possible Entry A Result Of Hillary’s Plummeting Poll Numbers

On Saturday, The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd reported that friends and family of Joe Biden are evaluating a possible challenge to Hillary Clinton. On Monday morning, reporters and analysts alike agreed the Biden speculation is most likely a result of Clinton’s plummeting poll numbers and her lack of trustworthiness.

On CBS This Morning, Nancy Cordes said “Clinton’s email troubles and some soft poll numbers” were reigniting speculation of a Biden run.

On CNN’s New Day, Errol Louis argued the Biden speculation was “about what Clinton isn’t doing” – winning. Louis cited Clinton’s falling poll numbers in key swing states and said the drop “invites a challenge.” Lynn Sweet added: “there are problems” for Clinton.

On MSNBC, Erin McPike claimed Hillary Clinton “is more vulnerable at this stage of the campaign than people thought she would be,” leaving an opening for Biden. Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson reported that Clinton is meeting people at private events who say they’re waiting on a Biden decision.

Later on CNN, Nia-Malika Henderson cited Clinton’s “problems” with “enthusiasm and a sense of connection,” saying people use words “like honest, trustworthy” for Biden and not for Clinton.

Regardless of who you ask, a possible Joe Biden run has a lot to do with Hillary Clinton’s plummeting poll numbers and her persistent trust issues with the voters.