Michael Bennet Thinks Everyone Should Have Positions Except Him

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet is facing mounting pressure to take a position on the Iran deal, but at a forum this week – or, 44 days after the deal was released – he continued to dodge direct questions, and indulged in a little hypocrisy to boot.

The Colorado Statesman reported:

Every day that goes by without Sen. Michael Bennet making a decision on the Iran nuclear deal, the pressure builds.

Bennet, a Democrat, has been buffeted by a deluge of ads, petitions and op-eds on the proposed agreement that rises as the number of Democratic senators who remain undecided dwindles. The latest whip count shows that only a dozen have yet to declare themselves before the Sept. 17 vote, and Bennet is one of them.

Which explains why the first question Bennet was asked during a Wednesday session at the Colorado Oil & Gas Association’s annual conference in Denver wasn’t about hydraulic fracturing or crude exports, but Iran.

The suspense was short-lived. “I haven’t taken position yet and I won’t take one today,” Bennet informed the crowd at the Colorado Convention Center.

Watch Bennet’s non-answer:

In an ironic twist, at the very same event Bennet criticized Hillary Clinton for failing to take a position on the Keystone XL pipeline:

Bennet would be wise to take his own advice – Colorado voters are watching and waiting.